Everything Has A Season


When born, two powerful things take place simultaneously. We, without knowing it, experience God’s love. But, we also encounter a great loss by being born in sin. A clear representation of starting at a disadvantage AND being given a way out all at the same time.

As I get older, I understand that by being born in sin, we are exposed to things even in our infancy. Things that, sometimes, don’t fester/develop/show up until years later. Some of us are in our “those years later” season.


A season where these traits/mindsets are hindering us from getting where God needs us to be & from being what he needs us to be.


However, there’s always breakthrough and a way out when dealing/talking about faith & relationships with Christ. The dope thing about knowing Christ & learning more about this ‘salvation’ thing, is the fact that EVERYTHING has a season.

Mindsets can be renewed! Hearts can be restored! Priorities and posture can be realigned. Just because we were born in sin and we’ve struggled with the traits we picked up while being there, it doesn’t mean GOD isn’t willing and ready to free you and love the mess out of you!


What God knows you can’t carry into phase II, he will give you the tools to deal with it in phase I! We don’t subscribe to the mindset, mannerisms, language, ora or doctrine of the “victim”. Neither do we subscribe to that of the slacker, the ‘this is who I am’ mindset & ‘artificial confidence’.


Being born one way/in one way isn’t an excuse anymore. As we are new in Christ, so is our mind! So let’s continue to run MOT’s before it’s too late …